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living PLANTASTIC” has created unique and helpful events for people to take more steps toward a conscious lifestyle.  It’s not about being perfect - it’s about knowing and caring enough to make a difference yourself and not sitting around waiting for others to take action.


EN: Barcelona’s 1st and one-of-a-kind-vegan gala night brought to you by “living PLANTASTIC”...

Tickets & INFO

GIFTS for RAFFLE at Gala Night

1) Gift card of 100€ for Roots & Rolls -  enjoy a fun evening with friends or family at Roots & Rolls 

2) 1 Personal Training Session by Holly Barber - Tailored to you, from Holly Barber PT boutique fitness studio, in the heart of Barcelona. Specialising in self love, movement & mindset. 

3) 1 month fitness class pass in Holly Barbers Boutique Fitness Studio - Boutique Fitness Studio - A month of classes, all included. From meditation, to disco boxing and weight classes, there’s something for everyone. Meet new people, have fun, and enjoy moving your body! 

4) 1 month Meal Planner by "Holly Barber: Nutrition"- Access to app - Exclusive access to your totally personalised, goal specific plant based meal planner. Taking into account your lifestyle needs and time you have, to make a bespoke planner, and access to 1000s of delicious recipes, just for you.

5) 3 L. MAGNUM Cava - Roger Goulart Coral Rose


6) 3 L. MAGNUM  - Roger Goulart Brut Nature Reserva


7) Vegan handbag by The Good Store Barcelona - sponsoring a vegan, sustainable handbag by L’autre Sac - The Good Shop is a new shop focusing on ethical and sustainable products. 


8) Ringana Products sponsored by natura_esencial_ Vegan hand soap & Deodorant - 100% natural, sustainable 


9) Vegan Cake for 10 personas by Wild Lulita  - A beautiful bespoke vegan and gluten free cake made with the best natural ingredients. Making plant based cakes delicious!


10) Book: "Mi Hijo Se Ha Hecho Vegano" by Estela Bayarri Martin, Montse Sala, et ál. (only available in Spanish) - Este libro va dirigido a todas aquellas personas con hijos adolescentes que han decidido hacerse veganos. Una guía práctica para ayudar a madres y padres a entender esta importante decisión y conocer realmente qué es el veganismo.


11) Book: The Essential Vegan Travel Guide by Caitlin Galer-Unti (only available in English)  This step-by-step travel guide shows you how to research and locate vegan-friendly fare in any city. You'll discover how to find where a vegan can eat in any city, anywhere in the world. Beyond the food, the book offers hints for connecting with local vegans, choosing a place to stay, packing, and traveling (and keeping the peace) with non-vegan companions. 

12) Sports pack sponsored by Christy Repetto including Biotech Sports bottle, Vegan Protein and a sports towel

13) Dieta ayurveda o mediterranea con rutina de entrenamiento o pauta de ejercicio en casa de Christy Repetto

14) Clase de Yoga de Christy Repetto

15) Chocolates from Sohma

2020 is about to begin, and 3 female entrepreneurs are starting it with a bang -  introducing “living PLANTASTIC” a Barcelona based movement, combining an exciting series of events showcasing plant-based cuisine, movement, mindset and lifestyle...


The events are going to make it easier and more accessible than ever. Learn, get involved and most of all have some fun, whilst implementing a more conscious lifestyle. The movement is supported by many organisations and individuals passionate about a conscious lifestyle, nutricion, fitness and well-being.


The start of 2020 will be the 2.0 of conscious living. The world is waking up.  In January, the meat industry will hit record low sales. We know what we need to do, and we are here to help you implement it in style!  Many will become vegetarians, vegans or reducetarians and conscious retailers and companies are gaining market share.


Why all the fuss? The joke is on all of us and climate change is not amused. We have to act now. While it’s easier to blame politicians, large corporations and past generations, it doesn't give us a free pass to treat mother Earth as a garbage bin or a 1-day free pass to an amusement park. The “mañana”-attitude of mass-consumption is no longer cool and the young generation and conscious souls have decided to change! We are with you!


What are some of the most popular 2020 news resolutions? 

  1. Eat less meat

  2. Use less plastic

  3. Go vegan

  4. Recycle, reuse, repair

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The entrepreneurs behind "living PLANTASTIC" are all passionate about a conscious lifestyle and making a positive impact for current and future generations. 


“Instead of blaming and shaming, we focus on making it exciting to live more consciously. We spice it up, and our weapons are action, information and positive energy to lead the change"


The entrepreneurs are supported by a strong and equally-minded network of global and local collaborators naming Carlota Bruna, Vevolution, Wild Lulita and broad range of Barcelona's foodies and fitness groups 



Sandra de Jong

Founder and co-owner of Barcelona’s largest and most innovative plant-based restaurant, Roots & Rolls, passionate about a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

M: +34 696771069 / / 


Holly Barber

Vegan nutritionist and PT, founder of Holly Barber PT - Boutique Fitness Studio, specialising in self love, mental health and movement. 

M: +34 644608923 / / 


Christy Repetto

Ayurveda therapist specialised in nutrition focused on pathologies, pregnancy, child nutrition and to give your life a turnaround! /


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