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"Tanto si eres vegano como no, te conviene conocer su carta por varias razones. Es el único sushi en toda la ciudad totalmente vegano, no hay pescado por ninguna parte, pero tampoco se le echa de menos.

Puedes hacer menú degustación con amigos o en pareja y nunca vas a aburrirte pues su carta es original y variada."

"We’re sure your clients are always looking for the new and interesting when it comes to booking group dinners in Barcelona. Host your group dinner somewhere that will get people talking and excited about plant-based food."

Barcelona Tours 

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"With beautifully-presented combinations of rich, interesting flavors, even the most diehard of carnivores could be deceived by the fantastic plant-based selection at Roots & Rolls..."

Barcelona Metropolitan


"Roots&Rolls es el nuevo restaurante de la ciudad de Barcelona que ha conseguido revolucionar la cocina japonesa, uniendo el popular mundo del sushi con el infinito mundo de las verduras y las especias..."

Travel Eat and Admire


"Esta semana anunciaron un nuevo paquete, que incluye también comida o cena en Roots and Rolls, a unos pasos del establecimiento..."

ABC Cultura

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"Todos los platos de Roots & Rolls se elaboran de la mano de una imaginación voraz y un amor profundo por el ingente mundo de las verduras y las especias."


"Combinando verduras y especias con imaginación y creatividad, el restaurante Roots & Rolls consigue crear una experiencia única e inolvidable que te deja un muy buen sabor de boca."

Bueno y Vegano 


"Vegan isn’t a swearword. It can be sexy, and inspiring, and a world of possibilities, celebrating every single thing we do, to help ourselves, and the planet."

Holly Barber

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Sushi vegetal i hamburgueses veganes que semblen vedella, estrelles del Veggie World

Tele 3 - Noticies 3/24

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"Tasty, healthy and unique are what underpins this plant-based, Asian fusion restaurant. Opened in September, the Scandinavian-themed space..."



"¿Creías que lo habías probado todo el Barcelona? Pues nuevamente vas a sorprenderte. Como nos cuentan Sandra  y Erik desde que llegaran hace unos años a Barcelona y tras una década dedicados..."

Eat Biotiful

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"The menu was somewhat overhelming. Not used to having so many options to choose from! We had some starters (fried tofu, broccoli popcorn and crepes Okomiyaki) and the sushi suggestion to share with two, which we found was a more than enough portion."

The Bruges Vegan

"To those who think #meatless Monday’s can’t be any good, I beg to differ 😉 Hear more about Roots & Rolls delicious vegan nigiri made of tomato in the latest"


Absoluut een van mijn favoriete vegan restaurants in Barcelona! De Deense Sandra en haar Nederlandse man wilden graag een plantaardig restaurant maar dan wel net even anders dan dat je ziet in Barcalona...

Vegan Life Travel

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"I had my eye on Roots and Rolls from the day they opened: a fun and different proposal like theirs cannot be missed. They are very unique in Barcelona: Japanese/Asian fusion, all plant based..."

Barcelona Food Experience


"For all those who like to enjoy a beautiful atmosphere and at the same time eat healthy and delicious. Roots & Rolls is a new and unique concept and its main dish is plant-based sushi..."



A couple of weekends ago we went to try out the food at Roots & Rolls. We walked inside and loved the ambient and the design. The restaurant is very stylish and kind of romantic with candles and dimmed light during the evening... 

The Nordic Veggie

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"Luckily, they are entrepreneurs that are innovative enough to challenge the status quo and invest in what hasn’t been done yet instead of following the existing trends..."

Happy Cow