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To make your reservation for you gift card with an experience including spa, please call Slow Spa Barcelona directly on +34 936 83 64 93 to book date and time. Slow Spa Barcelona will following confirm the reservation of the tasting menu directly with us, Roots & Rolls. 

Why sustainable gifts & gift vouchers?
Gift cards Elevate your gift-giving with our Roots & Rolls Vegan Restaurant Gift Cards! Delight your loved ones with the joy of sustainable consumption and memorable dining experiences. Treat them to a world of delicious, plant-based delights in a conscious dining setting. Each gift card promotes eco-friendly choices, making it the perfect present for mindful living. Share the love for ethical dining and flavor-packed moments with our Vegan Restaurant Gift Cards – a thoughtful way to celebrate sustainability and satisfy taste buds. Purchase yours today and gift an experience that echoes a commitment to a greener, more compassionate lifestyle!

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