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Take Away & Catering by Roots & Rolls
t us help you make your event special!

2 options to order

1. Pick up at Roots & Rolls and get 10% discount.  

2. have your order brought to you with transport 

ORDER HERE and choose your option

Our take-away boxes are 100% compostable and plastic free.

We use product from specialising in plant-based PLA. 


For catering on special occasions and larger gatherings such as

birthdays, weddings, business events, boat trips, or picnics,

please call or email,  

and we'll be delighted to provide you with a custom proposal tailored to your unique needs.


Roots & Rolls Sushi Trays

Mixed Assortment of Makis & Uramakis

80 uni. 150€. Available upon request via email

NEW: Assortment of Roots & Rolls Canapés

 25 units 39€ / 50 units 75€ / 100 units 145€

Available upon request via email

5 flavours:
1) Heüra tartar, fermented chili sauce, chives
2)Homemade guacamole with cherry tomato and pickled red onion
3) Cashew c
ream cheese with dill and homemade teriyaki sauce
4) Homemade beetroot hummus with sesame seeds 

5) Sun dried tomato pesto with fresh tomato

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